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Pure Progress[1] (純粋なる成長 Junsui naru Seichō) is a growth (成長 Seichō) ability one uses when facing an opponent stronger than they are, allowing them to instinctively improve their prowess the longer they fight. For some (like Hit), this ability allows one to imprint on their experiences to, while not growing in physical strength or conditioning, allows them to adapt and instantly improve their performance and skillset. For others (like Ganos), the exact opposite is applied; their methods in battle remain unchanged while their sheer strength and speed will steadily increase in very short periods of time. This ability is only displayed in the Dragon Ball Super anime.


In the Tournament of Destroyers, as Goku anticipates Hit's battle tactics to counter his 0.1 second Time-Skip, a pressured Hit was force to adapt. While seemingly overwhelmed by Super Saiyan Blue Goku, the assassin revealed to have doubled the Time-Skip limit to intercept Goku. Hit then instantly adjusted his fighting style to maximize the usage of Time-Skip, which allowed him to advance his Time-Skip to 0.5 seconds, letting him to launch a barrage of strikes before Goku could react. Once Goku overwhelmed Hit with his X10 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, Hit improves his Time-Skip into a complete freezing of time, letting him dodge Goku's match ending blast. Hit then became able to further increase his Time-Skip length while also unleashing other temporal techniques simultaneously.

By his next fight with Goku, Hit's accumulated experience against Goku allowed him to further expand on the Time-Skip to develop new variations of his techniques through the stored-up time from using Time-Skip. This include producing a Parallel World that he could overlap himself with to become intangible, life-like illusions of himself, replicating his ki signature throughout the area, and a shockwave blast that is near-impossible to detect or block.

By the Tournament of Power, the blazingly fast Dyspo who could detect and react to one's attacks simply from hearing the muscle movements made it difficult for Hit to use his Time-Skip. Despite the initial one-sided assault from Dyspo, Hit continue to adapt to the Pride Trooper's attacks, effectively blocking the critical strikes while letting the lesser ones land to better adapt. Later, against the Jiren the strongest being in Universe 11 with Destroyer-like might, Hit's continued adapting allowed his body to memorize some of Jiren's movements, even managing to hit him in full. Although, ultimately, he ended up being dominated by the colossal power of Jiren that allowed him to continually overcome him and defeating him with Power Impact.

Ganos's straight-forward attack style and sole dependence on raw might initially allowed Master Roshi to easily analyze and anticipated Ganos' attack patterns, effortlessly countering the assault. However, as noted by Quitela, even mere minutes of struggle would cause a noticeable increase in power. This was proven as gradually, Ganos's sheer speed and power proved grew too much for Roshi to keep up with. When Roshi attempted to use his Sleepy Boy Technique on the foe, a desperate Ganos badly injured himself to escape the hypnotic effects, noting that a even a few minutes ago he would not have lasted long enough. Despite Ganos' injuries, Ganos' increased might enabled him to still fight on.

While in the Ultra Instinct "Omen" state, Goku's power and efficiency both increase at an alarming rate as he continues to fight against a foe of comparable or greater power to himself. The gods of Universe 11 are astounded that Goku is able to gain on Jiren so quickly as he gradually begins to overwhelm Jiren before his untimely regression to base form.

Video game appearances


Hit powering up as a result of his pure progress

Hit's Pure Progress seen in the anime appears and receives a name in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as an Awoken Skill "transformation". Hit can go through his Pure Progress twice, and as in the anime his stances change, so does in the game, becoming stronger in each one.


  • Vegeta likens this to the Saiyans' own natural ability to grow and develop, to which he was very annoyed that Hit's growth rate seemed to exceed thaat of the Saiyans'. Roshi also notes that Ganos' ability to grow is troublesome, and that he could become a threat to even Goku and the others.