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Pure Progress[1] (純粋なる成長 Junsui naru Seichō) is a growth (成長 Seichō) ability one uses when facing an opponent stronger than he is, allowing him to instinctively improve their prowess the longer they fight. For some (like Hit), this ability allows one to imprint on their experiences to while, not growing in physical strength or conditioning, will allow them to adapt and instantly improve their performance and skillset. For others (like Ganos), the exact opposite is applied; their methods in battle remain unchanged while their sheer strength and speed will steadily increase in very short periods of time. This ability is only displayed in the Dragon Ball Super anime.


Hit's uses this power to evolve his fighting style and expand on his Time-Skip ability. When Hit first improves, his Time-Skip doubles, allowing him to intercept Super Saiyan Blue Goku's attack, and upon increasing to half a second he is able to overwhelm him thanks to the length of the Time-Skip. When Goku uses the X10 Kaio-ken on top of Blue, Hit manages to further grow so that he can freeze things that manage to move in the Time-Skip, allowing him to dodge Goku's match ending blow. His improved Time-Skip then allows him to fight on par with Goku when the latter's Kaio-ken seemingly drops back to its basic level, though it is noted that the match could go either way at that point since Goku still held a power advantage. Hit complements this ability with his centuries of experience, being able to create new battle stances almost instantly to draw out the full extent of his newfound powers.

In the Tournament of Power, Ganos also has the ability to grow in power constantly while fighting, steadily overwhelming Master Roshi despite having already analyzed and anticipated Ganos' attack patterns, to which it is noted by Quitela that even mere minutes would cause a noticeable increase in power.

Video game appearances


Hit powering up as a result of his pure progress

Hit's Pure Progress seen in the anime appears and receives a name in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as an Awoken Skill "transformation". Hit can go through his Pure Progress twice, and as in the anime his stances change, so does in the game, becoming stronger in each one.


  • Vegeta likens this to the Saiyans' own natural ability to grow and develop, to which he was very annoyed that Hit's growth rate seemed to exceed Saiyans. Roshi also notes that Ganos' ability to grow is troublesome, and that he could become a threat to even Goku and the others.