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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniques

Haretsu Majyutsu (破裂の魔術) is a spell used by Babidi. With a sharp gaze, Babidi transmits his thoughts to the opponent, making their blood convulse. This rapidly swells the opponents body and causes them to explode. Using this technique, Babidi is also capable of making only the person's head explode.


Those attacked by Haretsu Majyutsu die while screaming in agony, with contorted features.[1]

Haretsu Majyutsu2

Babidi uses Haretsu Majyutsu on Marvin

After Yamu and Spopovich brought Babidi the energy they had taken from Gohan, Babidi uses this attack on Spopovich, as he was not useful for Babidi anymore (although he would later regret this action when he realized that the energy he received was barely enough to fill half of the power capacity necessary to unseal Majin Buu). Babidi later uses the spell to force the head of Marvin, a World Martial Arts Tournament staff member, to explode for bothering him with useless information.



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