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Hell's Beam (ヘルズビーム) is another version of the Hell's Flash where Android 16 does not use the rush part of the technique and only fires the energy blast.


First, Android 16 disconnects his elbows to reveal cannons inside his arms. Then, he charges fire-like energy in the cannons and fires a yellowish-orange energy wave that scorches the opponent, inflicting a high amount of damage.

Appearances in games


Android 16 uses a one-handed Hell's Beam in Battle of Z

Hell's Beam was named in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, where it appears as one of Android 16's ultimate attacks. Android 16 also uses this version of the Hell's Flash in the Butōden series. Android 16 uses a one-handed version in Battle of Z.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, this technique appears under the name Energy Gun and is a Special Move used by Android 16. In this game it is fired one-handed. It also appears as one of the special moves that can be learned and used by the Namekian Android 76.[1]