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"Fire a Ki Wave at the ground! When it hits, a pillar of Ki will erupt from the ground!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial description

Hell's Flash (ヘルズフラッシュ Heruzu Furasshu) is a powerful energy wave technique that is one of Android 16's most powerful attacks.


Android 16 lifts his opponent and tosses them to the ground, then he removes half of each forearms, tucking them beneath his armpits and revealing cannons within the remaining portions of his arms. These cannons take a brief moment to charge, before Android 16 shouts "Hell Flash!!" while igniting a giant explosion from which hundreds of small beams are shown sprouting from the crater.

Power and Usage


Android 16 attempting to kill Imperfect Cell with his Hell's Flash attack

Android 16 uses this attack during his fight against Cell in his Imperfect form. After punching Cell with his Rocket Punch, Android 16 proceeds to punch Cell to the ground, following by throwing him deeper into the ground. Then, Android 16 fires his Hell's Flash attack, creating a huge shockwave around the entire island they fought on. Cell is severely injured by the attack, but he moves underground to where Android 17 is watching in shock, and absorbs him, much to Android 16's and Android 18's surprise.

Video Game Appearances

Android 16

Hell's Flash in Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Hell's Flash appears as Android 16's ultimate attack in the Butōden series (in this game series, he also uses a similar sphere attack called Mega Energy Bomb), Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors, the Budokai series, and Super Dragon Ball Z. It is one of Android 16's super attacks in Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu, the Budokai Tenkaichi series, the Raging Blast series, Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale, and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.


Meteo Hell Flash Combo in Ultimate Battle 22

Android 16 has two versions of this technique in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit: one where only uses the energy blast (called Hell's Beam in Burst Limit), and the other one where he uses the rush attack he used against Cell before firing the Hell's Beam (his meteor attack in Ultimate Battle 22, called Meteo Hell Flash Combo). He also has several versions of the move in the arcade game Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle.

In Dragon Ball Z: The Legend, he fires the energy wave from one hand only. In the Supersonic Warriors series, Android 16 performs the Hell's Flash when he is summoned as a support-type character.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it appears under the name Hell Flash and appears as one of Android 16's Ultimate Skills. It is also used by his counterpart Future Android 16 in the main story and in certain parallel quests. In Xenoverse 2, only the finishing blast is performed when using the Ultimate Skill is used, as the throw portion of the attack acts as Android 16's standard grab/throw. However it is possible to fire the Ultimate after using 16's grab/throw. If performed on a stage that lacks ground (such as Space, Sky, Tree of Might, or Time Rift) the user will fire an Energy Wave, but the erupting pillars of fire will not appear, making it less effective on those stages. As a result, it is best fired when there is ground under the user. To compensate for the difficulties of using this technique, it does more damage than most other Ultimate Skills.

"Fires a Ki Blast below the character. When the blast hits the ground, it creates a column of fire."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial description

Hell Flash in Xenoverse 2

As part of the Masters Pack DLC, the Future Warrior can learn this Ultimate Skill by completing School Quest: "Lesson 3" of Android 16's Training. Unlike Android 16 and Future Android 16, the Future Warrior simply fires the attack from their hands, due to them lacking detachable hands and arm cannons like 16.[2]

In Dragon Ball Fusions, it once again appears under the name Hell Flash and is a learnable Special Move for Android 16, as well as Android 33 and Android 55.


  • This attack is called the Inferno Blast (to avoid religious references) in the English manga, while Android 16 only says the command "Blasters Fire!" to use it in the English anime. Ironically Inferno is a common euphemism for Hell. In the Spanish Dub, it is called Sonic Arm. In the censored cut of Dragon Ball Z Kai, 16 names the attack Burning Flash.
  • In Xenoverse 2, if the Saiyan Future Warrior is wearing an accessory that covers the head (such as a Hat) an uses Hell Flash while in their Super Saiyan 3 form (which normally removes said accessories during the transformation), a glitch will cause the accessory to reappear after the attack is finished, though only visually as the game will still act as if they are transformed (as the Super Saiyan 3 transformation's aura and stat boosts are still present). This glitch is only visual and temporary (as it can be undone by reverting to base and then transforming back into a Super Saiyan 3).



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