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Hello Hello Hello (ハローハローハロー Harō Harō Harō) is the first ending theme of Dragon Ball Super, playing from episodes 1 to 12. The song is performed by Good Morning America.


Japanese Romaji Lyrics (TV size)

karafuru randoseru shou kodomotachi kaketeyuku
osanaki hi no boku nara nani iro erabi doko e mukau?

haroo haroo haroo
ima no boku wa dou mietemasu ka?

haroo haroo haroo
hokoreru senaka o shiteimasu ka?

icchou mae ni shippai kurikaeshi sore o
Dare ni tobu toki o matteiru yo
ano hi no boku ate no uta 

English Translation Lyrics (TV size)

Children wearing colorful backpacks run on by –
If I was young again, I wonder which color I’d choose… where I might go…

Hello, hello, hello –
How do I look in this moment?

Hello, hello, hello –
Is the image of my back deserving of pride?

While trying to become a full-fledged adult, I’ve failed… continuously,
But I’m waiting for the moment I’ll spring on high!
This is a song addressed to me from back then.  

Japanese Lyrics (TV size)

幼き日の僕なら 何色選び 何処へ向かう?

ハロー ハロー ハロー

ハロー ハロー ハロー

一丁前に 失敗 繰り返し それを
バネに飛ぶ 瞬間を 待っているよ
あの日の 僕宛の歌 

English Dub Lyrics (TV Size)

I see all these kids as I walk to school
Their colorful backpacks so unique and cool
I cannot but wonder which color I choose
If I still were a kid, where would I run off to?


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