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Hercule's Courage! (ミスター・サタンのド根性!, Misutā Satan no Dokonjō!; lit. "Mister Satan's Valiance!") is the four hundred thirty-sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


With Trunks' victory over Goten, he's earned the right to fight Hercule. Hercule is terrorized at the thought of fighting such a strong kid, but manages to keep up his facade for the crowd. Trunks isn't impressed by Hercule's strength, and Goten cheers for Trunks to give his best, which Hercule yells at him for.

Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Android 18 walk off, knowing this fight is going to be as one sided as it gets. Gohan chooses to stay, since Videl is shocked they dno't want to watch Trunks fight Hercule. Back in the ring, Hercule shows off for the crowd, still leaving Trunks unimpressed. Trunks says he's bringing everything, scaring Hercule again. Hercule tells him it's just a game and not to act so immature and childish, but Trunks reminds Hercule that he's supposed to be immature and childish, since he's just a kid.

Hercule suddenly drops, clutching his knee and claiming an old knee injury he got during the fight with Cell is acting up again. When the World Tournament Announcer offers to call the doctor over, Hercule stands up, claiming it's better now. Hercule knows he can't beat Trunks, but his reputation will be ruined if he loses to a kid.

Hercule finally hits on an idea though. Calling Trunks over, he makes up a story about a "special pre-fight greeting" of tapping each others faces with their fists. When the fight begins, Hercule walks over to Trunks and sticks his face out, looking like he's giving Trunks a free hit. His plan is to take the tap from Trunks then throw himself out of the ring, to make it look like he lost the fight on purpose. Trunks' "light tap," however, still launches Hercule clear out of the ring to slam into the wall.

Despite this however, Hercule manages to stand up and play the act of losing on purpose. This convinces the crowd, which gets them laughing. Hercule manages to keep a straight face until he gets back to his room, at which point, he collapses, clutching his face in pain.

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