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Hercule Badge are collectible medallions that can be sold for Zeni that appear as a material item in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.


DBXV Hercule Badge (Rare) Material Item 640x325

A Hercule Badge (Rare) being sold for Zeni in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Hercule Badges are coin shaped medallions that feature the face of Earth's Champion Mr. Satan and as a result they are valuable collector's items on Earth & Toki Toki City. In Xenoverse, they can be obtained by defeating Time Patroller NPCs and can be sold for a current amount of Zeni depending on their rarity. The rarer the Hercule Badge the more Zeni it is worth. After Demigra's defeat, Hercule Badges can also be obtained in missions featuring Time Chasm Crystals if said Time Chasm Crystal has already been obtained. Occasionally Hercule Metals can be receive as gifts from the Future Warrior's current Master. In the Resurrection ‘F’ Pack DLC, during Jaco's Training as the Future Warrior's Master it is revealed that Hercule Badges are made of rare metals that Jaco needs to repair his spaceship.


Hercule Badges come in 5 different levels of rarity that indicates how much Zeni their worth:

  • Hercule Badge (Common) - 1000 Zeni
  • Hercule Badge (Uncommon) - 3000 Zeni
  • Hercule Badge (Rare) - 8000 Zeni
  • Hercule Badge (Super Rare) - 15000 Zeni
  • Hercule Badge (Legendary) - 30000 Zeni

Appearance in games

Hercule Badge first appeared in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse as an obtainable item that the Future Warrior can sell to the shops in Toki Toki City's Industrial Sector in exchange for Zeni. In Jaco's Master Training Quest 01: "Rare Metal?, Jaco asks the Future Warrior to help him collect some Hercule Badges by defeating several Time Patrollers, as the badges are made out of the rare metals Jaco needs to fix his ship.


  • Due to Mr. Satan's balding appearance (resembling his GT Era appearance) depicted on the Hercule Badges it is likely they were produced at some point after Mr. Satan started going bald.
  • Mr. Satan due to his habit of shameless self-promotion, gives out Hercule Badges as gifts more often than the Future Warrior's other Masters.
  • Though they are referred to as badges, they are more akin to collector coins or medallions in both design and function.
  • Though they are classified as material items, however within the game they cannot be mixed in order to craft other items. However it is possible that they are classified as materials because they are made out of rare metals.


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