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"Oh yeah? Well I don't recall inviting you to eat my "breaktice"."
Yajirobe accusing Goku of eating his cooked fish.

Here Comes Yajirobe (怪男児·ヤジロベー登場!! Kaidanji・Yajirobee Tojo!!) is the fourth episode of the King Piccolo Saga and the one hundred fifth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on March 16, 1988.


The stranger tells Goku that he stole his breakfast, though Goku says that he cannot prove it was his fish. Goku sees that the stranger has a Dragon Ball hanging on his neck as a necklace and assumes that he works with Tambourine. However, as he notices later, the mountain-boy's ball was the One-Star Ball, not the Four-Star Ball that Tambourine stole from him. Due to the misunderstanding, they start to fight.


Yajirobe prepares an attack

The fight does not last long, as the misunderstanding gets resolved and Goku asks the man his name. The stranger says his name is Yajirobe and they chat for a while. Goku asks where Yajirobe got the Dragon Ball and Yajirobe says that he found it three years ago in the jungle.


Yajirobe kills Cymbal, slicing him in two

Cymbal flies in for the Dragon Ball. Goku figures that Cymbal works with Tambourine as they look similar and both want the Dragon Balls, and he and Yajirobe play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who will fight Cymbal; Yajirobe ends up winning. Yajirobe makes short work of Cymbal and wins, slicing him in half with his sword. King Piccolo senses the death of his son, and scowls in pain.

Meanwhile, Master Roshi has Kame House and the rest of the gang relocated to a different island to keep safe from King Piccolo for the time being, but Bulma and the others insist on getting the Dragon Balls before King Piccolo does. Bulma then creates a freezing capsule to keep Krillin's body in until they can wish him back.


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