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"Hero Mission" (ヒーローミッション Hīrō Misshon) is the twenty-seventh chapter of Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.


Sora makes a door out of thin air and takes Beat inside. Within lies a "White Room", a separate world where Beat can train to stand against Parallel Broly. Meanwhile, Genom and Broly show up at the Dragons' nest, where the Five- and Six-Star Dragons had been working to awaken the One-Star Dragon. Broly makes short work of Five, while Genom offers to cooperate with Six in gathering energy. Sora reminds Beat that he can't win against overwhelming power through force alone, and also tells him that with the Battlefield completely cut off from the outside world, a KO there means his death. As Beat gathers his strength and his wits as he trains to defeat Broly, the Six-Star Dragon vows to kill the assembled Heroes for their energy…