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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy waves

High-Pressure Energy Wave (高圧縮エネルギー波) is an energy wave used by Android 18. She puts her hand forward and charges a yellow energy sphere. Then, she fires the sphere in the form of an energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a great deal of damage.



Future Android 18 uses the High-Pressure Energy Wave to blow a hole through Future Tien's stomach

Future Android 18 uses this attack a few times throughout her various battles. She first uses a two-handed version to kill Future Tien Shinhan, and then a one handed version to kill Future Yajirobe.[2]

Later, Future Android 18 uses the High-Pressure Energy Wave to kill a Super World employee, and soon to blast Future Trunks away from Future Gohan and Future Android 17's fight during a battle. She uses it again to defeat Future Trunks in their second battle, though the young Saiyan manages to survive it; when Future 18 charges the attack, she raises her hands above her head.[3]

Android 18 uses it to destroy a forest while riding a Lucky Food's truck with Android 17 and Android 16 on the way to Goku's house. She later uses the High-Pressure Energy Wave to destroy the screen in Lord Jaguar's Battle Arena in his castle.[4]

Appearances in games


Android 18's Energy Wave in Super Butōden

High-Pressure Energy Wave is named in the Raging Blast series, where it appears as one of Android 18's Super Attacks; she performs it with one hand, like the one she used to kill Yajirobe. She has both the one-handed and the two-handed versions as her super attacks in the Butōden series. She also has two version in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors: the Energy Blast and the Super Energy Blast.




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