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High-Pressure Energy Wave (高圧縮エネルギー波) is an energy wave used by Android 18. She puts her hand forward and charges a yellow energy sphere. Then, she fires the sphere in the form of an energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a great deal of damage.



Future Android 18 uses the High-Pressure Energy Wave to blow a hole through Future Tien's stomach

Future Android 18 uses this attack a few times throughout her various battles. She first uses a two-handed version to kill Future Tien Shinhan, and then a one-handed version to kill Future Yajirobe.[2]

Later, Future Android 18 uses the High-Pressure Energy Wave to kill a Super World employee, and soon after to blast Future Trunks away from Future Gohan during the latter's battle with Future Android 17. She uses it again to defeat Future Trunks in their second battle, though the young Saiyan manages to survive it; when Future 18 charges the attack, she raises her hands above her head.[3]

Android 18 uses it to destroy a forest while riding a Lucky Food's truck with Android 17 and Android 16 on the way to Goku's house. She later uses the High-Pressure Energy Wave to destroy the screen in Lord Jaguar's Battle Arena in his castle.[4]

Appearances in gamesEdit


Android 18's Energy Wave in Super Butōden

High-Pressure Energy Wave is named in the Raging Blast series, where it appears as one of Android 18's Super Attacks; she performs it with one hand, like the one she used to kill Yajirobe. She has both the one-handed and the two-handed versions as her super attacks in the Butōden series. She also has two version in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors: the Energy Blast and the Super Energy Blast.

Android 18 and Android 17 can use the Energy Cannon variation of this technique as one of their Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.




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