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High Power Rush is a Blast 2 Rush Attack used by many characters in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series.


The performer charges at high speed to the opponent, and upon approaching, they make a heavy punch or kick, to stun the opponent, and afterwards, the user launches a barrage of punches and kicks in a rapid succession. In the end, they elbow or kick the opponent to the ground, inflicting high damage.


Vegeta uses his High Power Rush in Budokai Tenkaichi

Its less powerful counterpart, High Speed Rush, is very similar; the difference is that High Power Rush usually deals more damage, while High Speed Rush is performed quicker. High Power Rush also inflicts less hits than its counterpart.

Raditz' version of High Power Rush was named Dynamite Monday in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai. Android 19's version of the High Power Rush was named Cybernetic Pain in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and Yahoo! in the Raging Blast games. High Power Rush is also used by GT Vegeta in Infinite World.


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