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The Hindi language dub is an Indian dub for the Dragon Ball anime franchise.


Dragon Ball Z debuted on India's version of Cartoon Network during 2001. Dragon Ball GT was never dubbed into Hindi, for unknown reasons.


  • The first two dubbed seasons of Dragon Ball Z were notable for using Shuki Levy's music from the Ocean/Saban dub, making it the first non-North American dub to not use Shunsuke Kikuchi's original soundtrack. For the third season, the dub began using Kikuchi's music (with added BGM used to fill silent moments), as Levy's score originally stopped being used after season two.
  • This was one of the few dubs to use an actual child actor for Gohan.
  • A Hindi-language version of Saban Entertainment's "Rock the Dragon" was used as the opening.
  • As well as using it's music, the dub also used the edited footage and scripts from the Ocean/Saban dub.
  • The scripts from Season 3 to 9 were slightly revised versions of FUNimation's scripts for those seasons.

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