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Hisashi Tanaka, as depicted by Akira Toriyama in Dr. Slump volume 3

Hisashi Tanaka (田中久志; born in April 1959) is a Japanese illustrator. He is well known for having been Akira Toriyama's very first assistant.


Hisashi Tanaka worked with Toriyama for the first half of Dr. Slump until 1982, under the pseudonym HISAwaSHI (ひすゎし).[1] He is also the author of several manga series, such as CAN☆Eburidei (5 volumes), Ninja Boy DonDon Tobimaru (7 volumes), Radical 16 (2 volumes), Da chikan (2 volumes), Mabo-chan DAY BY DAY (8 volumes), and Kamome-chō Yūnagi Tayori Chinden (2 volumes). Tanaka currently teaches art design at Ogaki Woman's College.



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