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Horrifying Buyon (どうする悟空!!戦慄のブヨン Dou Suru Gokū!! Senritsu no Buyon, lit. "Now What, Goku!! The Hair-Raising Buyon") is the twelfth episode of the Red Ribbon Army Saga and the fortieth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on November 26, 1986.



General White smirking while Goku and Android 8 are confronted by Buyon

Goku and Android 8 fall into a room with nothing in it except skeletons. General White tells Goku to hand over the Dragon Radar and the Dragon Ball. Goku refuses, so General White closes the hatch in the ceiling. A wall opens up and they see a huge monster eating some food. The monster is Buyon. In Jingle Village, Suno finds a small animal under her bed and returns it to its parents.


Goku dodging while the tongue reaches Android 8

Back on the Muscle Tower, Goku attacks the monster Buyon and is bounced back from the monster's body. Goku then fires a Kamehameha, but it bounces off Buyon's body as well. Eventually, Goku gets an idea and punches a hole in the wall and icy winds come in. Goku gets cold and goes into Android 8's jacket for warmth, while they wait it out. Buyon then, gets very cold and becomes covered in ice. Goku gets out of Android 8's jacket and kicks Buyon. After Goku kicks him, Buyon shatters into many pieces. Goku then, jumps up back to General White's floor and makes his Power Pole extend, so Android 8 can go up with him. When they both are up safely, Goku tells him that they better release the Jingle Village Chief.


  • Goku vs. Buyon



Character Name FUNimation Original Japanese
Goku Stephanie Nadolny Masako Nozawa
Android 8 Mike McFarland Shōzō Iizuka
General White Kyle Hebert Tesshō Genda
Buyon Christopher Sabat Unknown
Suno Susan Huber Naoko Watanabe
Narrator Brice Armstrong Joji Yanami


  • Goku should have been able to jump up to the trap door using his skills gained from training with Master Roshi, as seen in The Tournament Begins, Danger From Above and the end of this very episode when he smashes up to the sixth floor.


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