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Hyper Meta-Rilldo Punch is a drill attack used by General Rilldo after absorbing the remains of the Super Mega Cannon Sigma.



Hyper Meta-Rilldo with the drill on his right hand

As he screams out the name, Hyper Meta-Rilldo turns his left hand into a rapidly-spinning drill that expands as it moves forward, tearing everything it hits apart and creating a large amount of collateral damage.

Hyper Meta-Rilldo uses this attack while facing Super Saiyan Goku on M-2. When Goku shows signs of disappointment by stating that Hyper Meta-Rilldo has no different attacks, Hyper Meta-Rilldo attacks Goku with his giant drill. However, Goku manages to grip the drill and stop it from spinning with little effort. Hyper Meta-Rilldo retaliates by quickly moving behind Goku and firing a Ki Blast.

Appearances in games

This attack appears under the name Hyper Drill Smash (ハイパードリルスマッシュ) in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is Hyper Meta-Rilldo's Super Attack. Hyper Drill Smash also appears in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.


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