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Hyper Tension Blows, often shorten as HTB skills, are cinematic rush attacks where players perform a series of attacks that are usually ended by a powerful ki attack. It appears in the computer game Dragon Ball Online.


Each class has its own HTB skill, including master classes, which currently allows players to have up to two in their arsenal of skills. Every HTB skill thus far is listed below, with an exception of the unreleased Engineer class and its master classes, and are as listed below:

  • Dragon Power!! (Martial Artist)
  • Infinite Blow! (Fighter)
  • Unlimited Slash!! (Sword Master)
  • Dragon Spirit!! (Spiritualist)
  • Turtle Spirit!!! (Turtle Hermit)
  • Crane Spirit!!! (Crane Hermit)
  • Unleash the Dragon!!! (Warrior)
  • Dragon's Law!!! (Dark Warrior)
  • Master's Vow!! (Shadow Knight)
  • Kami's Retribution!! (Dragon Clan)
  • Pride of the Clan!! (Dende Priest)
  • Spirit of the Dragon!! (Poko Priest)
  • Mighty Pressure! (Mighty Majin)
  • Pleasant Sound Shower! (Ultimate Majin)
  • Cooking Delight Combo! (Grand Chef Majin)
  • Wonderful Crash!! (Wonder Majin)
  • Shocking Smooth Beat!! (Plasma Majin)
  • Happy Carnival Sensation!! (Karma Majin)