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I'll Take Care of the Majin Vegeta's Final Desperate Battle! (魔人はオレがかたづける ベジータ最期の決死戦, Majin wa Ore ga Katazukeru Bejīta Saigo no Kesshi-sen!) is the one hundred nineteenth episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. Its Japanese air date is August 31, 2014.


Babidi’s spaceship explodes and Vegeta arrives on the scene. Vegeta attacks Buu with tremendous power. But even after having a hole put through his stomach, Buu quickly returns to normal, and begins his counterattack! Buu creates a giant explosion around his own body, seriously injuring Vegeta.[1]


In the Japanese version, this is the first broadcast episode of Dragon Ball Kai to not achieve a ratings share high enough to be ranked within the top 10 animated series. Its rating share was less than 4.2%.[1]


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