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Identities Revealed (バレちゃった!!サイヤマンは孫悟飯, Barechatta!! Saiyaman wa Son Gohan; lit. "Unmasked!!! The Great Saiya-man is Son Gohan") is the ninth episode of the World Tournament Saga and the two hundred eighteenth overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on February 23, 1994. Its original American air date was October 11, 2001.


Gohan races Videl to the hospital while Goku goes for Senzu Beans. Mr. Satan seems very angry at Spopovich for beating Videl up this bad, although it is obvious he does not stand a chance. Mr. Satan remembers how Spopovich used to be a weak fighter when he fought him in the last World Martial Arts Tournament.


Great Saiyaman's true identity has been revealed

The next match up is Gohan versus Kibito, but Gohan asks for more time since Goku has not returned with the Senzu Beans yet.

When Goku returns, Gohan goes off to give a Senzu Bean to Videl, and being yelled at by Mr. Satan for trusting Gohan and eating the bean, she recovers. Now the match between Gohan and Kibito is about to start. Sharpner and Erasa find out that Gohan is really the Great Saiyaman. Gohan gets rid of his disguise, and gets ready to fight Kibito. Kibito says he is curious to see Gohan's Super Saiyan powers, because they might be useful later. Shin (Supreme Kai) asks the Z Fighters not to interfere in the match, and they find out that he is the Supreme Kai. Shin's true identity has been revealed.


  • This episode had the highest rating for the Dragon Ball Z series on Fuji TV, with 27.5% rating share.
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