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"It's enough to make you want to run home crying, isn't it, kid?"
— "Trunks vs. Goten"

Ikose (イコーセ, Ikōse) is an overly-confident martial artist, and Idasa's brother.


Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu Saga

Main articles: World Tournament Saga and Majin Buu Saga


Ikose entering the arena

Ikose fights Goten in the Junior Division during the World Tournament Saga. Goten blocks all of his attacks with his finger and knocks him out with a punch to the jaw, winning the match. He later appears during the Majin Buu Saga next to his mother when she tells Babidi that Trunks lives in West City. He was killed either by Super Buu's Human Extinction Attack or when Kid Buu blew up the Earth, and was later resurrected by the Dragon Balls.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Killer Punch[1] – A punch launched by Ikose during his battle against Goten, though Goten blocks it with one finger.

Video game appearances

Voice actors


  • In the English dub, his FUNimation Entertainment voice has a southern accent, while with the Ocean dub, his voice sounds a bit older and now loses the accent.
  • Ikose's name is an anagram of the Japanese word "sekoi" (セコイ), meaning "simple-minded".



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