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LocationUniverse 7
RulerDon Kee
Strongest WarriorLedgic

Imecka (イメッガ, Imegga) is the first planet that Goku, Pan and Trunks land on in their journey collecting the Black Star Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball GT. It is home to the Imeckians.



Imecka's climate and main city

Imecka has a desert climate. The currency on this planet are Gammets. Under the rule of Don Kee, the Imeckians are incredibly poor due to high taxes used to furnish Don Kee's lavish home. Many of the planet's inhabitants are homeless, and marketplace sellers tend to be swindlers.

Goku, Pan and Trunks meet Giru on this planet. When Don Kee takes their spaceship, Goku battles Don Kee's powerful bodyguard Ledgic, and the gang makes Don Kee promise to return every spaceship and offer free living.

Known residents

Video games

Imecka is the first level in the Game Boy Advance game Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. Enemies encountered here are Don Kee's soldiers, Pusherbots, Cannons, Gale and Sheila appear as mini-bosses, and Ledgic is the boss.


  • Imecka is a possible pun off the Japanese incantation "Elmekia Lance".
  • Imecka may also be a reference to Mecca. The connection may be due to the fact that "everything you're looking for" can be found on Imecka.


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