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On a Roll! Buu-Buu-Volleyball! (ノリノリ!ブウブウバレーボール! Nori-Nori! Bū-Bū Barēbōru!) is the one hundred forty-seventh episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. Its Japanese air date is February 1, 2015.


Now completely enraged at Buu for eating his friends, Gotenks wildly attacks him. The two's fierce battle destroys The Lookout, sending Piccolo into a frenzy. Buu attacks at super speed, but Gotenks seals Buu within a ring of Rapid-Fire Super Donuts, making him into a ball. He then combos with Piccolo to smash the Buu-ball down to the Earth's surface like a volleyball. Gotenks is beaming with pride at his own strength, but Buu shrugs off Gotenks' severe attack like it was nothing. Gotenks then continuously fires powerful energy bullets at Buu. But Buu counterattacks, and not one to lose, Gotenks returns fire. As Gotenks is about to finish off Buu, his time runs out and he returns to normal Gotenks from Super Saiyan 3.


  • Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Super Buu

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