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"Inheritor of Saiyan Blood: Trunks' Resolve" is the fifty-fourth episode of Dragon Ball Super. Its Japanese air date is August 7, 2016.


Early in the morning at Capsule Corporation, Future Trunks is hovering over a pond while he does some image training. He imagines fighting Goku Black and being overwhelmed by him. When Goku Black lands a decisive blow, Future Trunks snaps out of his focus and starts hyperventilating. Inside Capsule Corp., Dr. Briefs has successfully created enough fuel for a round trip in the Time Machine, while Bulma continues to repair it. Pilaf appears and starts typing on the laptop, wanting to add his "expertise". Bulma yells at him to stop fidgeting around, but checks the laptop and is impressed with what Pilaf did, much to his surprise. Mai and Shu are outside watching Future Trunks, while Shu explains to Mai that he is image training. After noticing a drop of blood dripping from Future Trunks' map, Shu realizes that he is under intense focus and tells Mai to leave him be. Mai starts visualizing on her own, imagining her dying in Future Trunks' alternate timeline and Future Trunks grants her last request for a kiss, much to Shu's chagrin. Future Trunks thinks to himself that he cannot find a way to beat Goku Black, while something crashes right next to him, causing a crater. Goku and Beerus ended up crashing into the ground while Whis apologizes for miscalculating their speed due to the two bickering behind him. Beerus claims Whis had crashed into the ground on purpose.

Later, everyone is eating lunch as Whis explains to Future Trunks about Zamasu, concluding that even though Zamasu and Goku Black had similar ki, Zamasu was not nearly as evil as Goku Black is, plus Zamasu had no idea who Goku was while Goku Black did. Beerus speculates that Zamasu may do something down the line, and Future Trunks is surprised to hear Goku actually fought with him and beat him. Beerus says that even though Zamasu is a God, he is still an apprentice Kaiōshin, so he would stand no chance against Goku, who has fought with Beerus and survived. Future Trunks is shocked to hear Goku has fought the God of Destruction, and wonders if it is necessary for him to fight since Goku could probably beat Goku Black on his own. Whis thanks Bulma for the meal as he and Beerus return to their planet. Goku asks where Krillin and Piccolo went, and Bulma replies that they left, wondering who will fill the hole in the garden this time while Goku says he won't be. Vegeta calls for Future Trunks to train him.

In Universe 10, Zamasu pours tea for Gowasu, who exclaims that it is a little bitter. Zamasu blames the quality of the leaves for the taste. The two then spectate a planet called Babari, watching the Babari-seijin wreak havoc. Zamasu offers to exterminate them, and Gowasu shoots him down, saying that is the God of Destruction's job. Gowasu, with Zamasu watching, summons a chest full of Time Rings and the two teleport to Planet Babari. Zamasu is disgusted with how the Babari-seijin are acting, while Gowasu predicts there would be peace and order in a thousand years. Gowasu explains the usage of the Time Rings and how only Kaiōshins have access to them, so Zamasu, being an apprentice, does not have access. Gowasu tells Zamasu to put on one of his earrings on the opposite ear in order to do a Potara fusion, so he would be an official Kaiōshin, but Zamasu respectfully declines, not wanting to as of right now. The two use the Time Ring to go forward in time a thousand years, and notice the Babari-seijin still under conflict. Zamasu thinks to himself that as long as there are humans, the universe would never be peaceful.

Back on Earth, Future Trunks and Vegeta are in a secluded location, and Future Trunks recalls training with Vegeta in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In the flashback, Future Trunks watches in awe as Vegeta first attains the Super Saiyan Second Grade form. Future Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, requesting Vegeta to not hold back and to transform into a Super Saiyan 3 like Goku did. Vegeta laughs and transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue, shocking Future Trunks. Goku, who was taking a nap back at home, wakes up and senses the two's ki. Future Trunks is shocked as he cannot feel Vegeta's ki but he does feel the form's overwhelming pressure, thinking to himself from Beerus' earlier words that Vegeta and Goku used this godly ki to fight with Beerus. Vegeta mocks Future Trunks' reaction, telling him that if he can land a single blow, he wins. Future Trunks tells him not to underestimate him as he transforms into a Super Saiyan Third Grade. Vegeta is visibly disappointed that Future Trunks still uses such a "primitive" transformation and prepares to attack him. Future Trunks, carefully watching Vegeta's movements, quickly falls out of the transformation and dodges Vegeta's attack. Vegeta realizes Future Trunks only assumed the slow transformation to goad Vegeta to attack and catch him off guard. Future Trunks tries to punch Vegeta, but Vegeta quickly counters his attack and slams him on the ground, giving his earlier strategy a grade of 3/10. Using Instant Transmission, Goku appears with Bulma. Bulma says she is too busy with the Time Machine to fool around, but Goku says he wanted to show her Vegeta training with Future Trunks.

Vegeta overpowers Future Trunks in battle, easily knocking him around, with Future Trunks thinking to himself that Vegeta is too strong for him to do anything. Vegeta stands over a beaten Future Trunks, and Future Trunks suddenly smirks, thinking that since Goku and Vegeta are there to defeat Goku Black, he has no reason to get stronger himself. Noticing this, Vegeta angrily grabs Future Trunks by the collar, and says that due to Future Trunks' Saiyan blood, the fact that he is Vegeta's son, and more stronger opponents existing, he will not allow Future Trunks to lose to anyone. As Vegeta powers down to base, Future Trunks suddenly headbutts him, and exclaims that since he landed a blow on him, he won. Laughing, Future Trunks vows to surpass Vegeta and Goku Black. Vegeta gets up and scoffs, then leaves, as Future Trunks bows and thanks him.

On Beerus' planet, Whis is cooking as Beerus is growing impatient. Whis' staff is receiving a call and Whis asks Beerus to get it for him. As Beerus tells the caller to call back later as they are busy, he is visibly shocked and flustered to see Zeno as the caller, quickly bowing as Whis also appears. Much to Beerus and Whis' shock, Zeno reveals he called them because he wants to meet Goku.


  • Future Trunks vs. Goku Black (image training)
  • Future Trunks (Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan Third Grade) vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue)