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Arm Blaster
Debut Manga: "The Young Man of Mystery"
Anime: "Another Super Saiyan?"
Appears in
Z Ball
Gender Male
Date of death Age 764
Occupation Soldier
Allegiance Planet Trade Organization
  • King Cold (boss)
  • Captain (superior officer)
  • Fisshi (cohort)
  • Mei (cohort)
  • Iru (イール) is a green fish-like soldier who works for King Cold in the Planet Trade Organization. He first appeared in "Another Super Saiyan?", and was named in the RPG game Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzōningen. His name is a pun on "Eel".


    Iru with an unnamed soldier
    Jeangabin666Added by Jeangabin666

    Iru was among the soldiers King Cold took with him to attack Earth. On Earth, Mecha Frieza asks him to kill Future Trunks. Iru scans Trunks with his scouter, stating that his power level is only 5 (because Trunks suppressed his true power to mislead Frieza and King Cold), before charging his arm cannon and blasting Trunks. Future Trunks countered Iru's blast and easily kills him with one punch.

    Video game appearances

    Iru is an enemy in Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzōningen. Additionally, he gets two color edits that appear as separate and weaker enemies in the game: the purple Eire (エイル) and the orange Okuto (オクトー).


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