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Iwne (イワン Iwan) is the God of Destruction of Universe 1. He is accompanied by his attendant and martial arts teacher Awamo. He appears in Dragon Ball Super during the Universe Survival Saga.


Iwne is a short anthropomorphic being with pointy pink ears. His whole face, except for his small, black pupil eyes, is covered in black fur. Similar to Sidra, he wears a white shirt and a God of Destruction vest, along with a small hat. His true form under fur is described as "resembling Shiva in Hinduism" in the Japanese official website.


Iwne is a very efficient and successful God of Destruction as his work has lead to his universe having the highest mortal level. Iwne has strong passion, enthusiasm, or explosive feelings in contrast to his calm appearance. He is the only one of spared Gods of Destruction to not break out into a cold sweat when Universe 9 was erased by the Zenos.



In the manga, at some point in time Iwne participated in the All Universe Hide and Seek Tournament held by Zeno. But when Beerus hid and fell asleep for fifty years during the tournament, it had to be cancelled. He and the gods had to calm Zeno down who was furious. Since then, Iwne and the other Gods of Destruction have felt disdain towards Beerus.[1]

Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga

KaioHakaioshins (2)

Iwne in the Zen Exhibition Match.

In the anime, Iwne attends the Zen Exhibition Match, along with Awamo and Anat, representing Universe 1. Iwne watches the exhibition matches, and is opted out of the Tournament of Power due to Universe 1 having a high mortal ranking.

Before the Tournament of Power begins, Iwne spars with Arack and Liquiir to test the durability of the newly constructed area in the World of Void. He is able to fight evenly with both of them but their battle causes a crater in the arena's center and a tower to fall over and is ordered, along with Arack and Liquiir, by the Great Priest to repair the stage afterwards. The three of them repair the arena before fighters from the eight universes show up.

Iwne is shown to be rather starstruck and amazed at the power of Goku, as when Goku attains Ultra Instinct for a third time.


As with all Gods of Destruction, Iwne is incredibly powerful, only being surpassed in his Universe by his angel/attendant Awamo.

During the Zen Exhibition Match in the manga, Iwne is eventually taken down by Quitela.

In the anime, Iwne is able to fight evenly with fellow Gods of Destruction Arack and Liquiir.

Techniques and Special Abilities


Iwne's Energy Slash Wave.

  • Energy Slash Wave - A ki crescent moon shaped wave used to cut the opponent.
  • Telekinesis - Also called Psychokinesis, is a technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind.
  • Life Link - Iwne and Anat's lives are linked to one another, so if one of them dies, the other will die as well (in a manner similar to Piccolo and Kami) in order to prevent an imbalance between the natural forces of creation and destruction which Iwne and Anat represent.
  • God of Destruction's Mercy - Iwne's special attack from Dragon Ball Heroes.

Video Game Appearances


Iwne in Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Iwne makes his debut appearance and as a playable character in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the fifth mission of the original series.

Voice actors



  • Iwne's name is an anagram for "Wine", continuing the alcoholic name puns that the Gods of Destruction and their attendants possess.
  • Iwne was designed by Toyotarō.[2]



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