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Jade's Village

Jade's Village is a very peaceful, populated land with a castle and a giant mountain in the center. It is featured in the live-action film Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins.


The kingdom was given to Jade's father along with the village's sacred treasure: the One-Star Dragon Pearl. At some point, King Horn and his minions Zebrata and Malilia take over the kingdom, using it as his main base of operations, and steal the Dragon Pearl. After he obtained six of the pearls, Monkey Boy comes to the village with his friends, fighting off King Horn's soldiers with the village as a battlefield. After King Horn is defeated, the seven Dragon Pearls are together and the dragon is summoned. Jade uses the wish to restore the land and revive everybody killed by King Horn's forces.


  • This village is indirectly a live action adaption of Fire Mountain, due to a giant mountain where the castle is being present and Jade (the Chi-Chi incarnation of the movie) being the daughter of the ruler.

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