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Jaguar's dog is a dog-like creature that serves as a pet for Lord Jaguar in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly. The dog has never been given an official name, and "Jaguar's Dog" is used so that there is a term for this character.


The dog has the ability to shift between a normal, docile appearance and a monstrous form with red cat-like eyes as well as razor-sharp claws and fangs.



The dog in his docile appearance

Jaguar's dog is shown at the beginning of the movie, growling at the Bio-Warriors as they are released from their tanks, and is later shown as Hercule, Android 18, Trunks, and Goten arrive at Jaguar's island; in a humorous scene, Jaguar is shown to be small enough to ride on the creature's back. It later sneaks up on Trunks and Goten as they are spying on Hercule and the others, where it reveals its monstrous form; while Trunks is intimidated by the sight, Goten easily tames it and it takes a liking to him, leading Trunks to remark, "You have got to show me how you do that."

Culture Fluid Effect

The Culture Fluid disentegrates Jaguar's dog

When Bio-Broly is released, the dog tries to attack him despite being scolded by Jaguar, only to end up the first victim of the Culture Fluid.