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This article is about the character from Dragon Ball Fusions. For for the anime character, see Mousse and Eclair's children.

"A crafty martial artist who uses clever tricks, luck, and super speed."
Dragon Ball Fusions character profile

Jam is a female Earthling from Dragon Ball Fusions.


Jam is a female Earthling with dark brown skin and black hair in a style that resembles Chronoa's.


Jam is a crafty martial artist who uses clever tricks, luck, and super speed to defeat her opponents.


Being listed as a A-Rank fighter in Dragon Ball Fusions, Jam is possibly more powerful than Android 18, Android 17, and Android 16, who are all listed as B-Rank fighters.



Main article: Jamila Jamila is the EX-Fusion of Jam and Pipila that appears in Dragon Ball Fusions.

Video Game AppearancesEdit


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