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Jupiter (木星) is a planet in the North Area. It is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in Earth's Solar System (just like its real life counterpart).


Jupiter was first seen in the episode "Goku's Ancestors" as Vegeta and Nappa flew past it on their way to Earth. It was next seen in "Plans for Departure" when Mr. Popo flies Kami's ship to Jupiter in a matter of seconds, showing Bulma how fast the ship is.

Jupiter is a "gas-giant" and most notable for its "Great Red Spot", which also appears in the Dragon Ball universe's Jupiter as well. The Red Spot is referred to by Raiti when the group come upon the tornado on Fake Namek. He states that the storm never dies, like Jupiter's Red Spot.

The planet may have four rings, but it is presumably hidden or not shown at all in the anime.


  • This planet was named after the Roman chief god Jupiter. His wife was his sister Juno, who was called Hera by Greeks, and there is planet Hera in the Dragon Ball universe.

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