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Justice Finishing Pose (ジャスティスフィニッシングポーズ) is one of the poses used by Gohan as Great Saiyaman.


Gohan uses movements from this pose in the episode "I am Saiyaman". He uses movements from this pose twice in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, one when re-introducing himself to a revived Frieza and another one shortly after effortlessly defeating him. He also uses one of the movements in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Appearances in games


Great Saiyaman poses in Infinite World

The Justice Finishing Pose is one of Great Saiyaman's Blast 1, with the Justice Pose 1, in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. It takes three blast stocks to use, and it puts him at Max Power and increases his stun abilities. While performing it, he yells "Playtime is over!" It also appears as Great Saiyaman's ultimate attack in the Budokai series, named Justice Pose and with its effect being that the opponent's ki lowers.

In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, it appears under the name Justice Pose and is a Fighting Pose Super Skill used by Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyaman 2. The Future Warrior can also obtain this skill as a reward in Parallel Quest 30: "Great Saiyaman is Here". It also appears as an Emote Action under Emotes 26: "Great Saiyaman".[2] Interestingly the Emote version cannot be used by a female Future Warrior of any race (Saiyan, Human, or Majin), however the Justice Pose Super Skill can be used by a Future Warrior of any race or gender.



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