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Justice Flash is a Scatter Finger Beam technique used by Toppo.


Screenshot 2017-08-07-17-13-11

Goku evading the Justice Flash.

This technique involves Toppo gathering 5 orange ki balls at the tip of his fingers, placing his left hand on his right wrist, and firing these five energy balls at once. Most of the time, they are shown to have very little destructive capabilities, and are meant more to damage the opponent.

Toppo used this technique against Goku several times in the Tournament of Power. The first time he used this however, was against the latter in the Zen Exhibition Match in which after Goku managed to dodge his physical techniques, Toppo used this technique against him in order to distract the Super Saiyan from his trump card, the Justice Rear Naked Choke.

He later used this back on Universe 11, dealing with a criminal Drakiyan and its creation Aragney.

Screenshot 2017-08-07-17-26-45

Toppo using Justice Flash during the Tournament of Power.

During the Tournament of Power, Toppo used this on Goku once again when he was challenging Jiren to a fight. Needing to preserve their stanima, Toppo used this as a distraction in order to get away.