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Directory: CharactersNamekian Katas (カタッツ) was an ancient Namekian and the father of the Nameless Namekian, that eventually separated into Kami and King Piccolo. He was thus the grandfather of Piccolo Jr.


According to Grand Elder Guru's words, Katas was a genius. He was a good parent, who would eventually save his son. Although Katas was good like all Namekians, his son was partly evil due to being in contact with evil Humans on Earth and divided into the evil King Piccolo and good Kami.


Katas lived on planet Namek before Age 242 and belonged to the Dragon Clan during a time period when different classes of Namekians were more common, and when Namek had knowledge of higher technology such as space travel. Sometime around Age 242, he birthed a son.

In Age 261, a massive climate shift took place on Namek. Katas managed to save his son by sending him off to planet Earth in a Namekian spaceship before dying along with almost all of the other living Namekians. The only survivor of this was Guru, who gradually restored the population.[1]


  • Birthing an Egg - Used by Katas to give birth to the Nameless Namekian.
  • Dragon Ball Creation - As a member of the Dragon Clan, Katas possesses the ability to create Dragon Balls. His ability to create Dragon Balls is mention by Dende in Xenoverse 2.

Video Game ReferencesEdit

"A battle suit said to have been worn by Katas, a brilliant Namekian of the past. "
Xenoverse Ancient Katas' Battle Costume description
DBXV Namekian Future Warrior Ancient Katas Battle Costume 403805311 preview

Namekian Future Warrior wearing Ancient Katas' Battle Costume in Xenoverse

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, there is a clothing option for Namekians called Ancient Katas' Battle Costume which is said to have been based on armor worn by Katas.

In Xenoverse 2, Katas is mentioned by Dende who says that Guru told him was able to create Dragon Balls, a reference to his status as a member of the Dragon Clan.


  • Katas' name pun is based on the Japanese word Katatsumuri, meaning "snail". The second part of the word is used for Moori's name pun.


  1. Dragon Ball Z episode 54, "Guru's Gift"

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