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Two Kawas fighting each others, Kajika and Isaza

The Kawa tribe is a mysterious group of empowered people. Members of the tribe are gifted for martial arts, having even developed their own fighting style called Shufu, and also sport remarkable strength. The Kawa tribe make their debut in Akira Toriyama's Kajika manga, and they also make cameos in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.


The Kawa tribe lived in a village near a volcano. They dressed and lived in a fashion very similar to ancient Native Americans. One day, they banished Isaza and his mother from the village because Isaza's father was not a Kawa, forcing them to live in the desert. The orphan Kajika was a horrible brat in the village, having done many awful things just for the sake of it. Five years before the events of Kajika, the tribe banished a young Kajika from their village after he was cursed for killing a fox named Gigi and turned into a Kawa-fox hybrid by Gigi's ghost. However, before being expelled from the village, Kajika was given a pill with immense rejuvenation properties, which was commonly used in the village. One year later, most members of the tribe mysteriously disappeared in a volcanic eruption, leaving Kajika and Isaza as the only known remaining members of the tribe. Both Kajika and Isaza are experts in using Kiai attacks, and Kajika has the power to remove the evil from people's heart. The two first meet each other in Kajika, and make cameos in a Dragon Ball Heroes tournament held in Satan Mall in the Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission manga.

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