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A Power Meter displays 3,000 kili

A Kili (キリ, Kiri) is a unit of measurement seen used by Babidi and his henchmen. The name is a pun on riki (力), the Japanese word for "power".


Babidi first mentioned this unit when he and his right-hand man Dabura are collecting energy to awaken Majin Buu from his Sealed Ball. It is different from the energy unit measured on scouters; kili are measured by Power Meters different from the scouters and 1 Kili = 50,000 BP according to a 2004 V-Jump issue.[1]

According to Dabura, 300 kili is enough to destroy a planet.[2] Also, Daizenshuu 7 says that it is possible to destroy 1-2 planets with 200-300 kili.[3]

The only recorded kili measurements are 800, which belongs to Yakon, and 3,000, which belongs to Super Saiyan Goku. In the anime only, Dabura states that even a kili of 4,000 cannot defeat him, implying that he has a kili of over 4,000.

In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, Time Breakers Towa & Mira travel through time to seek warriors with powerful Kili and steal their energy and plan to use the accumulated stolen energy to break the seal on Demon Realm.[4]


  • Vegeta destroys Arlia in the Vegeta Saga and claims to be able to destroy a planet in his first fight with Goku later in the saga, while Vegeta was far weaker than a third of the strength of Goku in his Super Saiyan form at this time. However the destruction of Arlia was a filler scene, and it is entirely possible Vegeta was bluffing about being able to destroy Earth - or that these instances are merely inconsistencies.
  • Given its usage by several denizens of Demon Realm (Babidi, Dabura, Towa, and Mira) it may be a common unit of measurement for power levels in Demon Realm.


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