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King Chappa's temple

King Chappa's temple is the Buddhist-style temple where King Chappa lives. Its address is SSR 249905 C.[1]


The dojo inside King Chappa's temple

King Chappa lives there with his wife Ruhna, and their three children: Sapa, Peruka and Chapu. It is also the place where King Chappa trains his students in martial arts.

Tambourine went there during the King Piccolo Saga to kill King Chappa, who is a former World Martial Arts Tournament champion.


  • Although Tambourine attacked and killed not only King Chappa, but also his students, when King Chappa is wished back to life by Shenron, it would seem the students are all alive and waiting for him.
  • In the battle with Tambourine, King Chappa and his students are all piled against the wall. When he returns, he is under the large statue, meaning that he was moved. It would also appear that he was not in any capsule, and instead left in the open until he is brought back to life.



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