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The following section contains information about unlicensed material, which - while created and released by a proper business organization - is overall unofficial to the Dragon Ball series.

King Horn is an extraterrestrial ruler and the main antagonist in Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins. He is loosely based on King Gurumes from Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies.



King Horn

King Horn who was already in possession of one of the Dragon Pearls, leads an attack on Jade's Village and kills her father who was in possession of one of the pearls. He has his minions Zebrata and Malilia lead his troops across the east to get him the other pearls. While they got one of the pearls they kidnapped Sparkle (Monkey Boy's grandfather) who was in possession of one of the Dragon Pearls and was taken to King Horn. After Zebrata and Malilia destroyed the Turtle Man's house and retrieved three more of the Dragon Pearls, King Horn kept them in his mouth. While Monkey Boy and his friends come to fight King Horn he uses and ability on them making everybody who he killed attack them. King Horn's spell was undone when Monkey Boy got on his Magic Cloud and hit King Horn. He was defeated when Turtle Man and Sparkle put the last Dragon Ball in his throat causing him to explode and the dragon to be summoned.

Teechniques and special abilities

  • King Horn has the ability to turn into a bubble which he uses to travel long distances.
  • Flight – The ability to fly using ki.
  • Energy Waves – King Horn fires yellow energy blasts from his hands.
  • Instantaneous Movement – King Horn used this technique to teleport in front of the escaping monks.
  • Lightning Bolts – King Horn fires several lightning bolts from either his hands or his finger tips.
  • Control Over the Dead – First, King Horn releases lightning bolts from his hands, which surges up to his head and comes out his horns. Next, any deceased person is then brought back to life as a mindless zombie, controlled by King Horn. This technique will remain active as long as King Horn continues to release lightning bolts.

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