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King Piccolo's Demon Clan is a Demon Clan led by King Piccolo containing his spawns of Mutated Namekians.


The clan was created by King Piccolo on Earth after he was split apart from the Nameless Namekian. The clan consisted of many spawnlings and have battled with many students of the Mutaito Training Academy including the young Master Roshi and Master Shen. The clan was temporarily eliminated after Master Mutaito sacrificed his life to seal King Piccolo in an Electric Rice Cooker using the Evil Containment Wave.

292 years later, the clan was reformed once again when Emperor Pilaf released King Piccolo after finding the cooker. The second wave of King Piccolo's clan was alot smaller and only consisted of Piano, Tambourine, Cymbal and Drum. The clan had a temporary alliance with the Pilaf Gang using their airship and technology to help locate the Dragon Balls to restore King Piccolo's youth and to hunt down all of earth's top martial artists. After successfully obtaining his youth, the alliance with the Pilaf gang was severed and the clan took over Earth by annexing King Furry's castle in Central City. The clan officially came to an end when Goku killed King Piccolo and while he intended for his final spawnling Piccolo Jr. to eventually carry out his legacy on Goku, the plan failed as he eventually became friends with Goku and his allies instead.


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  • Goku killed every named member of the clan except Cymbal who was killed by Yajirobe.
  • While training Gohan, Piccolo gave the boy a Gi based on the Turtle School uniform though replaced the Turtle mark with Demon kanji symbol used by his father which was meant to represent that he was Piccolo's disciple.
    • Piccolo himself was technically a member of the clan from birth, as he was King Piccolo's final son and reincarnation, whom King Piccolo intended to have carry on its legacy and conquer the Earth. However the arrival of the Raditz and the resulting Saiyan conflict lead to Piccolo befriending Gohan and caused him to eventually abandon his plans for world domination.