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10. Kogu focus
Anime name Kogu
Alternate names Gokua
Debut Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound
Appears in
Z Ball
Race Race of Hera[1][2]
Gender Male
Date of death Age 767
Occupation Mercenary
Allegiance Galaxy Soldiers
  • Bojack (boss)
  • Zangya (partner)
  • Bido (partner)
  • Bujin (partner)
  • "Someone not to be trifled with, boy!"
    Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound

    Kogu, called Gokua in the original Japanese version, is one of the four henchmen of Bojack in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound. He was killed by Future Trunks, making him the only one of the Galaxy Soldiers not to be slain by or because of Gohan. He is also the first of the Galaxy Soldiers to be killed. His name is based off the Japanese word "gokuakuhidou," meaning heinous and inhuman. Bido, his fellow henchman, shares the second half of the word.


    Bojack Unbound

    1. Kogu appears

    Kogu after firing an energy sphere at Future Trunks

    Not much is known about Kogu except that he is a skilled swordsman. He is from the same alien race as Bojack and his crew; he even has a transformation similar to Bojack's.

    He waits in a field during the Intergalactic Martial Arts Tournament, posing as one of Mr. Satan's champions (whom he and the Galaxy Soldiers had murdered earlier). He encounters Future Trunks and ambushes with a Full Power Energy Ball fired from a tree he was sitting on. After Future Trunks scolds him for bringing a sword into the tournament, Kogu proceeds to attack him, catching Future Trunks by surprise, while also telling the latter that he is "not someone to be trifled with." He then transforms near a body of water, and further overwhelms Future Trunks with a series of brutal blows and clotheslines. When Future Trunks refused to surrender, Kogu prepares to finish Future Trunks off with a blow from his sword, but ends up caught by surprise when Future Trunks turns Super Saiyan. In the end, Kogu ends up with a broken sword and is taken down by a fist clean through his stomach from Super Saiyan Future Trunks. However, Kogu's assault has worn Future Trunks out enough to be easily ambushed and knocked out by Kogu's master, Bojack.

    Fusion Reborn


    Bujin, Wings, Frieza, Cacao, and Kogu (on the right-hand bottom corner) appear in Fusion Reborn

    Along with countless other Dragon Ball antagonists, Kogu makes a cameo appearance in the 1995 film Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn when the residents of Hell make their escape to Earth.


    Kogu is one of the only two Galaxy Soldiers who display the ability to transform. Despite this full power state, he is killed in one blow from Future Trunks in his Super Saiyan form.

    Techniques and special abilities


    Full Power

    Main article: Full Power Hera-seijin

    Full Power Kogu

    Full Power Kogu

    During Kogu's Race of Hera transformation displayed in Bojack Unbound, his skin turns from blue to green, his hair turns red, and his overall power greatly increases.

    Majin Kogu

    Main article: Babidi's Mind Control Majin Kogu is a character in Dragon Ball Heroes, making his debut in Jaaku Mission 5 as an enemy in the Majin Bojack mission.

    Video game appearances


    Kogu and Bido in Dragon Ball Heroes

    Kogu (along with Bido and Bujin) makes his debut as a playable character in the Japanese only arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.

    Voice actors


    • Kogu has a similar pseudo-Caribbean accent to Bojack, Bido, and Bujin in the FUNimation dub, although his is more exaggerated. Interestingly, Zangya is the only member of the group not to have a discernible accent in the dub.
    • Kogu is an expert swordsman, just like Trunks. The two also fight each other during the tournament in Bojack Unbound (though Trunks didn't have his sword with him, due to tournament rules).
    • Kogu has a transformation very similar to Bojack's (considering they are of the same race, it is more than plausible that it is the same). His hair also changes and resembles that of a Super Saiyan.
    • Kogu is left-handed.
    • Kogu has a strong resemblance to Crono, the main character of Chrono Trigger, a video game designed by Akira Toriyama.
    • "Kogu" is an anagram of "Goku."


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