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Kurilien (クリリアン) is a video game-only alien villain that appears in the 1986 Famicom game Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo.



Kurilien sprite

Kurilien is a four-armed alien fighter who greatly resembles Krillin, even wearing the Orin Temple outfit. He works for Monster Carrot, despite the fact of not being a member of the Rabbit Gang, and first appeared in Stage 11, "Monster Carrot's Revenge". he appears to be a member of the MB Army, as indicated by the logo on his gi.

Akira Toriyama drew the concept art for the character, which can be seen in the strategy guide; the sprite in the game looks much different, due to the obvious graphics constraints of the time. Kurilien appears to have a long, alien-esque head, large pointy ears, and sharp teeth. In the concept art, he wields a spear and nun-chucks, and is described as the "#1 assassin in the universe". However, in the actual game, he does not wield any weapons and is incredibly easy to defeat.


  • His name is most likely a combination of Kuririn (Krillin's Japanese name) and Alien.
  • In the American version (Dragon Power), Monster Carrot calls him "Round Head".