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Kuririn vs. Demon Junior, Part 2 (クリリンたいマジュニア勝負しょうぶけっす!! Kuririn Tai Ma Junia Shōbu Kessu!!, lit. "Krillin vs. Demon Junior Match is Settled!!) is the one hundred seventy-third chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. The chapter's anime counterpart is the first half of the episode "The Mysterious Hero".


This cover features Goku standing in two different poses. In the first, Goku has his back turned towards you, and is looking back. In the second, Goku is happily flexing his muscles.


Piccolo's stretches his arm

Piccolo stretches his arm to grab Krillin

The fight between Piccolo and Kuririn continues. Piccolo has now begun to get serious, promising to show Kuririn a glimpse of his true power. Piccolo then stretches his arm and grabs Kuririn. Piccolo pulls him close to him at an amazing speed, then punches Kuririn in the face when he was close enough. The punch sent Kuririn flying back, but he had easily recovered, he landed after being knocked away by the punch and charged Piccolo again. Piccolo easily dodges a punch by Kuririn, then kicks him in the air. Kuririn decides he's going to have to finish this soon, so decides to use a good amount of his energy on the Kamehameha. As Piccolo charges, Kuririn fires the Kamehameha, but found out he fired it on the wrong Piccolo, as Piccolo used the shadow attack technique. The Real Piccolo then appears behind Kuririn, brutally punching him all the way back down into the arena. Kuririn gets up and realizes he is finished, so decides to quit the match.





Volume 15: The Titanic Tournamment
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