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Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go (空•前•絶•後; lit. "Airy First and Absolute Last" or "Air-Front-Sever-Back; fig. Unrepeatable and Unprecedented") is the second opening theme of the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z Kai, succeeding "Dragon Soul". It was made for the "Majin Buu Arc", playing from Japanese episodes 99 to 159. The opening theme's CD single was released in two versions in Japan on June 18, 2014, by Columbia: a regular edition, and a limited CD+DVD pack edition. The song is performed by Takayoshi Tanimoto.


Japanese Romaji Lyrics (TV size)

Kame Kame Hame ha Kuraberu Kai?
Yume no dekasa de hariau Kai?
VS. saikyo no rival wa jibun

Domyaku o hashiru chi ga hi e to tagiri
Kofun mo power mo max

Sabitsuita mirai ko jiakeraretara
Rekishi yo 'kiseki' to yobe

Kizutsuku tabi tsuyoku nareta
Dakara yasashisa wa yowasa ja nai

Genkai-kun o funzuke jump!
Zetsubo-chan mo hug-shite dance!

Gorgeous! fukkatsu wa
Dragon Ball ni onegail

Kame Kame Hame Ha kuraberu Kai?
yume no dekasa de hariau Kai?
VS. Mirai wa Kyogaku no spectacle


Translation of the Japanese Lyrics (TV size)

Shall we compare our Kame-Kame Hame Has?
Shall we compare the size of our dreams?
Vs. - Your greatest rival is yourself

Boil the blood running through your veins into fire
Take your excitement and power to the max!

If I force open the rusted door to the future
Then history will call it a miracle!

Every time I get hurt, I get back up stronger
My Kindness doesn't mean that I'm weak

Step on my cute little limits and jump!
Give my sweet little despair a hug and dance!

My gorgeous revival...
...will be left up to the Dragon Balls!

Shall we compare our Kame-Kame Hame Has?
Shall we compare the size of our dreams?
Vs. - The future is a shocking spectacle...

The greatest of all time!


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