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Kyodai Pyramid

Kyodai Pyramid is an ancient pyramid located in Diablo Desert.



Inside Kyodai Pyramid

In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, Trunks (after leveling up to 80) meets Dr. Challenger of the Royal Academy of Science here. Trunks then goes inside the pyramid to rescue Challenger's four other fellow scientists and get Pharaoh Totenhotep's headdress in exchange for the Seven-Star Dragon Ball that Challenger found inside the pyramid. The Kyodai Pyramid is full of mummies, undead skeletons, and ghosts. Spiders are also shown to live here. Deep inside the pyramid, Trunks finds Totenhotep's chamber and fights the mummy of Pharaoh Totenhotep in order to get his headdress.


  • The Ox-King's hat can be found in a treasure chest inside this pyramid.

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