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Lavender (ラベンダ, Rabenda), known as "Venomous Lavender"(有毒なのラベンダ, Yūdokuna no Rabenda), is a member of Trio De Dangers, a team of fighters from Universe 9. He is the middle brother of the trio.


Lavender has gold fur with a white muzzle and chest. He wears green pants with suspenders, and sports a somewhat sadistic and deranged facial expression. His build is hunched-over and lanky, with seemingly abnormally long arms. He is very short being 1/3 the size of Gohan. He most closely resembles a common North American Coyote.


It is stated that Lavender never wins fair-and-square, and fights unfairly with his poison. He seems to be malicious, not caring if he poisons his opponents to death or murder them. He also has a sadistic, psychotic nature, as he is seen chuckling constantly at Gohan while he is in pain from the poison, and even chuckles when Gohan damages him. His biggest flaw however is if his poison doesn't work, where he will begin to panic and is slow to adapt in these situations as displayed during his battle with Gohan.  


Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga Lavender and the other members of Trio the Dangers are selected to participate in the Zen Exhibition Match, a small lead-up tournament that precedes the Tournament of Power. Universe 9's team is matched up against Team Universe 7, and Lavendar faces off against Gohan. They have an intense battle, but in the end Gohan knocks Lavendar out cold, however Lavendar's poison took a toll on Gohan's body, and the poison knocked Gohan out also causing the match to be a declared a draw.


Lavender is one of the Trio De Dangers, the strongest warriors in Universe 9. He is a poison specialist. Despite seeing his younger brother's defeat at the hands of Good Buu, Lavender is confident in himself and believes that if he is allowed to kill his Universe 7 opponent he will be able to win, which would mean that he's only confident in his ability to defeat someone who could defeat Basil if he can use his deadly poison. He seems to produce poison chemicals through a natural process as he is seen regurgitating it from his body. He initially overwhelmed base Gohan in combat, easily dodging most of his attacks and poisoning him. When Gohan went Super Saiyan and began to use his Super Saiyan ki as a radar to track Lavender, Lavender was still able to keep up with Gohan in combat, even matching Super Saiyan Gohan's Kamehameha with his own energy wave and then overwhelming it when the poison became too much for Gohan, however Gohan defeated him by taking him by surprise, grabbing and pile-driving Lavender into the arena, knocking Lavender out cold.


  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave. He can also infuse his blasts with his poison
  • Undetectable Ki – It is noted by Goku that Lavender's ki is impossible to detect.
  • Poison – Lavender freely manipulates poison, and can use it to blind a foe or enhance his physical attacks or use as ki attacks.
    • Poison breath – Lavender breathes poison at his foe, causing their body to become contaminated and start to rot. If the opponent's eyes are hit they will be blinded.
    • Poison Blow – Lavender creates poison mist around his hands and attacks his opponent with them.
    • Full Power Energy Wave – Lavender creates a Full Power Energy wave infused with poison, this energy wave is powerful enough to match the poisoned Super Saiyan Gohan's Kamehameha.

Voice actors


  • Lavender vs. Gohan (Base/Super Saiyan)


  • Lavender's name comes from "lavender", a culinary herb of the Lamiaceae family. It is ironic he is named that due to the herb being sometimes used to remove toxins whereas he induces them.
  • Supplemental material prior to his fighting debut referred to Bergamo as "Poison Bergamo" and stated that he used poison, however it turned out that Lavender was the one with these traits, rather than his brother.
  • In Supplemental material prior to his debut in the anime, it was stated that Lavender was the eldest brother, and Bergamo was the middle brother. However, when they appeared in the anime, it was revealed that Bergamo was the oldest brother and Lavender was the middle brother.
  • The way Lavender fights is very similiar to how Frost battles but instead the poison is actually coming from his body and not from needles.
  • Lavender is the only member of the Trio De Dangers that doesn't have a "Wolfgang"-named attack.
  • Lavender's height may reference the small size of a common Coyote.



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