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Ledgic's race
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Much taller than the average human
Sapience Level Sapient

Ledgic's race is a species of tall green powerful humanoids with reptilian skin texture and cobra snake's hood. They seems to be a race of merceneries who works for the highest bidder.


DXRD Caption of Ledgic's race PTO soldier - Revival of F manga chapter 2

Ledgic's race PTO soldier

In the 2nd manga chapter of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, there is a Frieza Force soldier of this race who serves as a member of the Frieza Army - who came to assist the tyrant get his revenge at the Z Fighters on Earth, who (alongside Jaco) defeats this soldier easily.

Ledgic, who serves as a personal bodyguard of Don Kee in Imecka on Dragon Ball GT, is the first member of this race to be introduced in the franchise. Ledgic is the only member of this race to be depicted with spikes on his shoulders, which he uses to create weapons with his ki. In the Sigma Force's data on Goku's fight with Ledgic, the screenshots of his memory show Ledgic bleeding red colored blood as he got hit by the Saiyan.

Don kee ledgcis

2 Ledgic's race members

Later, in the Dragon Ball GT (1997 live show), Don Kee invades Earth looking for revenge with two more soldiers of this race, who look exactly like Ledgic, except for they having a black colored mouth area.

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