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Leena (レーヌ, Rēnu) is the daughter of the Gelbo Elder, and one of the prettiest girls on planet Gelbo. She had a Black Star Dragon Ball woven into her ponytail.


Dragon Ball GTEdit

Black Star Dragon Ball SagaEdit

Main article: Black Star Dragon Ball Saga Leena is the princess of a village on planet Gelbo and the fiancée of the man named Doma.


Leena with Zoonama

One day, the strange monster Zoonama comes and demands a bride, threatening to create earthquakes. The villagers agree on Leena being the creature's bride. Zoonama then walks over to Leena and starts to chat with her about their soon to be marriage. He says that she could not get married in rags, and that she needed to get a beautiful dress proper for their wedding. But Leena is very upset with this, for she loved Doma, not this horrible creature.

After Goku, Trunks, and Pan arrive on Gelbo and hear Leena's story, Pan says that they could help the Gelboians with this problem in exchange for the Black Star Dragon Ball woven into her ponytail. They dress up Trunks in Leena's wedding dress, and defeat Zoonama in his lair with Doma's help. They realize that the monster can only predict earthquakes not cause them, and Zoonama admits to this. After they forgave Zoonama and he became a villager, Leena gives them the Six-Star Dragon Ball.

Video game appearanceEdit


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