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A list of all Z-Souls in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.

Basic Attack (Bas. ATK): Amount of damage done by normal punches and kicks, and basic ki blasts.
Max Ki (Ki):The difference in maximum energy pool size.
Max Stamina (Sta.): The difference in maximum stamina.
Strike super (Stk): The amount of damage melee skills do.
Ki blast supers (Bla.): The amount of damage energy blast skills do.

Name Effect Special Effect Reference
The fight starts now! +1 Health When low on health, become immune to staggers and grapples. A stock battle line.
This is my true power! +1 Health When low on health, skills increase in power. A stock battle line.
I'm not done yet! +1 Health When low on health, a little health is recovered A stock battle line.
Why you little...! +1 Health When low on health, basic attacks are slightly boosted. A stock battle line.
Never give up! +1 Health Prevents one knockout and restores some health. Stock battle advice.
Summon all your power! +1 Health When low on health, damage taken is reduced Stock battle advice.
You don't understand girls! +1 Basic ATK, Strike and ki supers Equipping the Z-Soul slightly increases the recharge speed of stamina. Chi Chi's response meeting Goku for the first time.
Don't Saiyans ever work? +2 Health +1 Max ki and stamina Equipping the Z-Soul prevents negative status effects such as paralyization and poison. Bulma's response to Vegeta's lack of interest in anything other than training.
Double it, but go no higher! +2 Max ki and stamina Using reinforcement skills raises attack power greatly, but health slowly depletes when active. King Kai warning Goku to never go beyond x2 Kaio-ken
I'm an android.

+3 Max ki

-2 Basic attack

Damage taken is slightly increased, but the wearer will automatically block attacks. Android 18's reveals her enhancements.
I'll never forgive you!!

+1 to basic atk. and strike supers.

-1 Health

When at max ki, basic attack power increases. Goku to Nappa when he finds most of his friends dead.
I'm a Saiyan, raised on Earth!

+2 Strike and ki blast supers

-2 Health

When at max ki, stamina recovers faster. Goku to Vegeta during their duel
NOW I'm mad!!!!! +2 Health When an ally is knocked out, the wearer can use any skill for free for a short time. Super Saiyan Goku to Frieza after Krillin was killed.
I'm the strongest on Earth!! +3 Ki blast super

-1 Stamina

When health is lowered to a certain level, skills can be used for free for a short time. Vegeta angry over Goku doing well in his fight against him.
Saiyans are a warrior race!! +1 to Strike and ki blast supers

-2 Health

When knocked out, all stats slightly increase. Vegeta's Zenkai.
I am... Super Vegeta!! +2 Max ki

+2 Ki blast

-3 Strike

When user becomes a Super Saiyan, ki blast super damage increases. Can only be equipped by a Saiyan. Vegeta's famous line when he goes beyond a Super Saiyan.
Don't pick on my daddy!! +2 Strike When near death, user gains a temporary large increase in attack damage. Kid Gohan's rage when Raditz hurts Goku.
I will not lose! +2 Strike

-2 Ki blast

-3 Health

When near death, user gains a temporary large increase in attack damage.
Gohan never forgives evil! +4 Health

+3 Basic Atk.

-3 Strike & Ki Supers

When Justice Pose is activated, attacks drain stamina instead of health, and the user cannot be staggered. Gohan during his misguided Great Saiyaman phase.

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