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The entire list of all characters who are killed by Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Z Edit

  • Raditz – Goku held Raditz in place, while Piccolo charged up and fired a Special Beam Cannon, mortally wounding Raditz and killing Goku. Piccolo later finished Raditz off while he was laughing at him.
  • Goku – Shot through the chest with a Special Beam Cannon, killing him and mortally wounding his brother and enemy, Raditz. Goku was later revived with the Dragon Balls.
  • Saibaman – Killed by Piccolo with the Explosive Breath Cannon.

Movies Edit

Dead Zone Edit

  • Sansho – Piccolo smashed the demon into the wall and finished him with an energy blast.

The World's Strongest Edit

Lord Slug Edit

  • Slug's soldiers – Most of them are killed by Gohan and Piccolo.
  • Wings – Piccolo broke Wings' arm, then later shot an energy blast at his head, blowing it clean off.

Cooler's Revenge Edit

  • Dore – As Gohan left to take the Senzu Beans to Goku, Dore chased after him, so Piccolo fired a Chasing Bullet at Dore that followed him around. Dore eventually tried to block it, but was unable to, and was destroyed.
  • Neiz – Neiz electrocuted Piccolo, but Piccolo, while electrified, grabbed onto Neiz's head, electrocuting him and killing him.
  • Salza – Salza was about to kill Goku and the others, weakened from battle, when Piccolo shot a Special Beam Cannon through him, killing him.

Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans Edit

  • Lord Slug – After the Destron Gas Generator is destroyed, Piccolo kills Slug with an energy wave.

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