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This is a list of notable techniques which have appeared in the Dragon Ball manga, anime series, movies, and various trading card expansions and video games spun off by the series.

Classification of techniques

The fourth Daizenshuu lists the different classifications of techniques as follows.

Ki Manipulation Techniques

Techniques utilizing ki, there are several different attack-types of techniques utilizing ki.

  • Basic-type: Energy gathered and then fired as an energy bullet, examples include the Kamehameha, Big Bang Attack and Crusher Ball.
  • Concentration-type: Techniques where the ki is concentrated into one part of the body and then fired, examples include Special Beam Cannon, Dodon Ray and Greatest Technique.
  • Accumulation-type: Technique where one borrows the ki of others and makes it into an energy attack, examples include the Spirit Bomb.
  • Kiai-type: Techniques that cannot be directly seen through the naked eye, examples include the Tri-Beam and Kiai.
  • Alteration-type: Technique where the ki is manipulated to take on a certain form different from the traditional energy blast, examples include Destructo Disc, Ki Saber and Galactic Doughnuts.
  • Rapid Fire-type: Techniques which rapid fire energy bullets, these attacks are very powerful and consume immense amounts of ki, but leave no openings for counterattacks. Examples include Continuous Die Die Missile and Human Extinction Attack.
  • Guided-type: Techniques where the energy attack is freely manipulated by the user, examples include the Spirit Ball. The ultimate form of this type is where the technique is not merely manipulated by the user but rather possess it's own consciousness and thus can act on it's own if necessary, examples of this type include Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.
  • Blended-type: Techniques which are a blend of the above types as they use different properties from each, examples include Neo Tri-Beam (a combination of Kiai-type and Rapid Fire-type) and Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack 10-Ghost Finish (a combination of the Guided-type and Rapid Fire-type).


Ki does not just exist for the purpose of attacking and as such their are also several supportive type ki techniques.

Physical Martial Arts Techniques

Techniques where the user uses their physical and martial arts capabilities.

Unique Techniques

Techniques learned through special training, they have been passed down since ancient times but their power has not decayed.

List of techniques

Techniques appearing in the manga and anime

Techniques appearing in live-action movies

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Techniques appearing in video games

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