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This is a list of notable techniques used by Krillin that have appeared in the Dragon Ball manga, the anime series Dragon BallDragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, and various video games spun off by the series.

Techniques and special abilities


Krillin fires a Kamehameha


Krillin prepares his Destructo Disc

  • Solar Flare – An attack that can blind anyone who is facing the user unless their eyes are closed. Krillin used this technique against Dodoria, Frieza in his second form and (in the anime) Imperfect Cell.
    • Heavenly Sunlight – A combined Solar Flare attack used with Tien Shinhan in Attack of the Saiyans.
  • After Image Technique – An attack that leaves multiple false images of the user. The Afterimage Strike is one of his Blast 1 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.
  • Tri-Beam – Tien Shinhan's signature attack. Krillin can use it in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors.
  • Tri-Form – Used against Nappa along with Piccolo to create three versions of himself that could fight. Krillin uses this technique only in the anime.
  • Risking it all for a friend – Krillin jumps in the way of an incoming Ki Blast to save Gohan. Used during the Garlic Jr. Saga.
  • Photon Bomber – An energy sphere used by Krillin as a final attack to destroy Dr. Gero's laboratory.
  • Spirit Bomb – The ultimate technique that King Kai taught to Goku. Krillin is able to use it when Goku gives it to him to try and defeat Vegeta. In the story of Supersonic Warriors, after dying of the heart virus, Goku comes back for a day to teach this technique and the Kaio-ken to Krillin.
  • Spirit Ball – Used against Kid Buu when he attacks the Majin in the Other World along with Yamcha in the anime. Krillin can perform this homing technique in Supersonic Warriors 2 as well.
  • Senkouken – A dashing punch used in the Butōden series.
  • Shockwave Kick – A turn around kick used in the Butōden series.
  • Gariou Kick – A dashing slide kick used in the Butōden series.
  • Diving Kick – A diving double foot stomp. Named in the Butōden series. He also uses it as his diving smash in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.
  • Reverse Kamehameha – Krillin uses the Reverse Kamehameha in the Butōden series to perform attacks like headbutts or knee smashes. He also uses the Knee Drop in Super Dragon Ball Z.
  • Meteo Irritation – His meteor attack in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22.
  • Flicker – Krillin jumps and rolls past the enemy. Used in Super Dragon Ball Z.


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