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This is a list of all the final words spoken by the Dragon Ball Z villains just before their deaths. This is from the original English television series (with 276 episodes as opposed to the uncut series' 291), so some of the dialogue up to Burter and Recoome will be different than in the remastered, uncut series. With the final words is also who the words are spoken to, and the reasons behind them. Note that some characters might have still spoken again after death.

The dialogue in Dragon Ball Z Kai is different from the dialogue in this article.

Episodes 1-67 in the Ocean/Saban dub

Raditz: (to Piccolo) What's wrong? You look so depressed all of a sudden, green man! Don't be so glum! We can't all have the last laugh! (Raditz is mortally wounded and has explained to Piccolo that two stronger Saiyans, who are Nappa and Vegeta, are on their way to Earth.)

King Moai: (to Vegeta) Please don't hurt me! (Nappa has killed Yetti and Vegeta has lifted several rocks with his mind, and soon shoots one of them through his chest)

Nappa: (to Vegeta) What are you doing?! (Vegeta has thrown Nappa in the air shortly before destroying him)

Sūi: (to Banan) Will you take a look at that? (about Gohan and Krillin powering up)

Banan: It can't be! Look at that power reading! (reading Gohan and Krillin's power levels on the scouter)

Cui: (to Vegeta) But how? (about Vegeta having increased his speed while on Earth, dodging a deadly attack from him)

Dodoria: AAAAAAA! Master Frieza! (Vegeta has just broken his part of the deal and said he would kill Dodoria, and Dodoria attempts to escape)

Orlen: (to Frieza) Well no, I... (in response to Frieza's "When you fled like a little coward.")

Appule: Yes sir, you aren't so tough after all. Are you, you little wimp? (to a supposedly unconscious Vegeta inside the rejuvenation tank)

Zarbon: VEGETA! (was just mortally wounded by Vegeta and falling into the lake)

Namole: (to Frieza) Master Frieza! Do you really think something as strong as the Ginyu Force is required? I mean, we'll dispatch them if you want, yes sir! You just give the word! (Frieza said since Zarbon is dead, he should have dispatched the Ginyu Force from the beginning)

Blueberry: (to Bulma) Where are they? (asking her where the Dragon Balls are)

Raspberry: (to Blueberry) She's getting away! (Bulma runs off with the Dragon Ball while they're distracted with the crab eggs)

Guldo: (to Krillin and Gohan) You stupid monkey, you're nothing! You think you will get away with this? I belong to the Ginyu Force (Before getting his decapitated head blown up by Vegeta)

Strock, Strong, Goose, and Oggers: Together, we are the Ginyu Force! (striking a pose while trying out for the Ginyu Force)

Recoome: (to Goku) Say your prayers, you... (is about to hit him with his ultimate attack when Goku knocks him out. Before Recoome can regain consciousness, he is killed by Vegeta)

Episodes 68-291

Burter: (to Jeice) He is? (in response to Jeice saying Goku was responsible for Burter and Jeice punching each other)

Jeice: (to Vegeta) Vegeta! No! No! (begging for his life knowing Vegeta is about to kill him)

Captain Ginyu: Ribbit (obviously the last word he speaks before his death at the hands of Super Buu or Kid Buu, as he is a frog)

Salt: (to Mustard) I think you should have first crack at him, OK? (Gohan is powering up and they are discussing the best way to fight him)

Mustard: (to Gohan) I'll get you for this! (Gohan has just killed Salt)

Spice: No way! (Gohan has just blasted Spice and Vinegar in the stomach, which turns out to be their deathblow)

Vinegar: (to Spice) Darn! Yes way! Oh no! Aaaaargh! (in response to Spice's "No way!")

Garlic Jr.: What? No! It can't be! (Gohan has just shot an energy wave at the Makyo Star, his source of power)

  • Note: As an immortal, Garlic Jr. never dies after these words, he is simply sucked into the Dead Zone. When Gohan blows up the Makyo Star, his strength drains and he is shriveled up "like a raisin" and sucked into the Dead Zone. Those are simply his final words before he is sucked into the Dead Zone.

Frieza: (Note that in the two versions of this episode, Frieza's final words are different.)

  • Frieza: (FUNimation dub) Grrr... When I get my hands on... (Trunks has just survived Frieza's fourth attempt to kill him, and his threat is cut off when Trunks slices the tyrant in half)
  • Frieza: (FUNimation dub, DBZK) Fool! You missed by a mile! (Trunks has just survived Frieza's fourth attempt to kill him, and his threat is cut off when Trunks slices the tyrant in half)

King Cold: (Note that in the two versions of this episode, King Cold's final words are different.)

  • King Cold: (FUNimation dub) (to Trunks) Wait! You can't! No! Please! I'm defenseless! Please? I'm not bad... My son was evil, but not I! I wanted nothing but peace! I meant you no harm! I swear it! I... It's the truth! (Begging for his life when he knows Trunks will kill him)
  • King Cold: (FUNimation dub, DBZK) (to Trunks) Wait, no...Please, spare me! Ahhhh...! Mercy! I surrender...! If you let me go, I'll give you one of my finest planets... No, wait! I'll give you an entire solar system! I'll change my wicked ways, I'll give my word--! Yahhhhhhhhhh! (Begging for his life when he knows Trunks will kill him)
  • Note: The edited version just shows when he says "Wait! You can't! No! Please! I meant you no harm! I swear! I..." and cuts out everything in-between.

Android 19: (to Vegeta) I will never let you go! (Is trying to absorb Vegeta's energy when Vegeta has his feet pressed against the overweight android's face)

  • Note: Sometimes in the edited versions extra sounds are added (such as dialogue between Piccolo and 17, or extra moans from Jeice when Vegeta attacks him) and in the edited version, when his head is shown lying on the ground it says "Malfunction. Mal..." and dies before he can finish the second word.

Dr. Gero: (to Android 17) That does it! Now I am mad! (17 had just kicked the deranged doctor's head off)

Cell: (Note that in the two versions of this episode, Cell's final words are different.)

  • Cell: (Ocean dub) But I'm perfect! (is being completely disintegrated by Gohan's Kamehameha)
  • Cell: (FUNimation dub) I am perfect!!!! (is being disintegrated by Gohan's Kamehameha)
  • Cell: (FUNimation dub, DBZK) This can't be! I am perfection!!! (is being disintegrated by Gohan's Kamehameha)

Future Android 18: 17! Let's kill this punk! (18 and 17 are facing Future Trunks. She is killed shortly after she says this.)

Future Android 17: It... It can't be... You killed her... Kid, that is one mistake you won't live to regret!! (Future Trunks just killed Future Android 18. The former kills Future Android 17 shortly after 17 says this.)

Future Cell: No. No! No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...! (Future Cell is about to be hit by Future Trunks's Heat Dome Attack. He is being incinerated as he screams the last part.)

Yamu: (to Babidi) It does, sir! (in response to Babidi asking if there is energy within the energy-absorbing device)

Spopovich: (to Babidi) When you're as strong as us, this kind of job is like taking baby from candy! (in response to Babidi saying they are one step closer to achieving their goal)

  • Note: The Ocean dub and FUNimation dub are similar in this, except in FUNimation, Spopovich says "taking baby from a candy" as opposed to "taking baby from candy" in the Ocean dub

Pui Pui: (to Vegeta) Enough! (Vegeta beat him up in 10 times Earth's gravity, and Pui Pui moves in for another attack before being killed easily by Vegeta)

Yakon: (to Goku) I am going to make a meal out of you! Now come closer! (has eaten Goku's light energy and plans on eating him)

Dabura: What? No! (Majin Buu has just survived several energy blasts from Dabura)

Babidi: (to Majin Buu) You said that already! Just cough it up so we can get on with the serious stuff! (in response to Buu saying he has a "better idea" for the second time)

Van Zant: (to Hercule) Numbskull! (after shooting Hercule)

Smitty: Help! (has just been spotted by Super Buu, and attempts to run from him)

Kid Buu: (to Majin Buu) Me Buu not you. (Kid Buu was about to kill Majin Buu when Hercule threw a rock at him.)

  • Note: Kid Buu doesn't die until a few episodes after these words are spoken, and never speaks again until he is reincarnated as Uub.


Dr. Wheelo: DAMN YOU GOKU! (said to Goku before getting killed by the Spirit Bomb)

Turles: (Note: three different versions have been written by FUNimation)

  • Turles (1997 Saban dub) You and your pathetic Earth friends are defeated Kakarot. The Earth is a barren wasteland.
  • Turles: (1998 Pioneer dub) So Kakarot, you're still alive?
  • Turles: (2006 FUNimation dub) Not you again. How did this happen? (said to Goku before being killed by the Spirit Bomb)

Lord Slug: What?! (before getting hit by the Spirit Bomb)

Metal Cooler (nucleus): It's just as I told you from the start. You can't win! (said to Goku before attempting to drain his energy, only to be destroyed)

Android 13: Goku must die! Goku must die! (as he is disintegrated by Goku's attack)

Bojack: You fool! Any last words before you die? (Begins his final attack but got killed by Gohan's Kamehameha)

Broly: KAKAROT!!!!! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (killed by Goku, Gohan, and Goten's Family Kamehameha after being sent into the sun)

  • Note: Legendary Super Saiyan 3 Broly's profile in the Raging Blast games states that he survived this and returns to Earth for revenge, only to be defeated and finally killed. As such, it is uncertain if these are his final words or if he spoke more before his final death.

Frieza: (while being consumed by Goku's God Kamehameha) DAMN YOU... GOKU!!!!!!!!!