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"Long Flashback" is a soundtrack composed by Bruce Faulconer. It is featured in Best of Dragon Ball Z: Volume 3. It is often used in flashback scenes.


  • When Goku battles Frieza (in Mecha Frieza's long series of flashbacks).
  • When Piccolo reflects his first battle against Goku (in Piccolo's long series of flashbacks).
  • When Goku explains how he escapes from the destruction of the planet Namek (in Goku's flashback).
  • When Vegeta explains how he turned into a Super Saiyan (in Vegeta's flashback).
  • When Gohan tells Cell how his Hidden Power first awakened (in Gohan's flashback).
  • When Gohan first turns into a Super Saiyan 2 in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (in Goku's flashback).